Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ugly Stick

A rant post tonight... Exelus has been proudly sporting dual Gladiator Cleavers for quite some time now, after a long but well-worth-it honor grind. After getting these bad boys, DPS took a noticeable jump over the previous blue dungeon drops.

As is well-documented on this here blog, I've been trying to analyze my gear and the various stat weight balances in the goal of achieving better DPS. First goal at 70 was to get to 1100 AP and 20% crit. Check. Next goal was to get to 1300 AP and 25% crit. Check. Now I'm in the process of keeping 1300/25% while adding a bit of hit rating (100-120 should do, according to all the Mathcrafters). This goal should be achievable with drops from Karazhan, Zul'Aman and badge gear.

Now speaking of badge gear (and getting back to the original point of this post), it's time to re-examine weapon upgrades available to me. Unlike casters, armor with stats alone does not improve DPS (although certainly helps), the inherit damage of the weapons themselves has a significant role.

Since patch 2.4 it's looking like the best available (and attainable for me) weapons are Vanir's Right and Left Fists of Brutatility. Those stats are hot. Admittedly, I don't have the full math on this, but it seems like getting two of these could improve my DPS by maybe 10%?

Unfortunately, the weapons themselves look more like Day Glow Mardi Gras decorations than fearsome weapons. And that's putting it kindly. Why on earth did Blizzard make some of the best weapons in the game look so ridiculous? Does anyone think these actually look cool?


Still, seems like I should consider 'em. (only like 110 badges to go)


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