Monday, May 19, 2008

Wut Next?

Exelus has settled into a rhythm of sorts: weekly-ish Karazhan runs (with our first peek into Zul'Aman tomorrow?), the occasional heroic/instance, etc. I completely burned-out on PvP getting the "welfare" axes and head/shoulders - and now that I canhaz epic flyer, I'm only really doing dailies to get back over the 1k gold mark again. Gear seems to be trickling in nicely via raiding and badges...

So... what's next?

I've got a stable of alts scattered all over the place - and knowing how healers and tanks are always in demand (both in-guild and in PUGland) - I feel like I should be working on either my Paladin, Druid or Priest (all in the 40's), but for some reason none of them are very compelling to me at the moment. I've got a mid-level hunter somewhere that's fun to play (lol ez-mode), but DPS is a dime-a-dozen. At least he's got CC. I also recently re-spec'ed Lazer Chicken on me Durid, which is kinda neat, but a ranged caster with weak CC is going to be questionable. (Although there's the option of going Feral Tank or Tree Healer later.)

I think what I'm really waiting for is the Death Knight - I've got a name reserved on a level 1 alt, and am thinkin' Night Elf for the race, if that becomes an option. (Gno Gnomish Gdeath Gnights Gplskthx)

Also been considering rolling another Shaman, trying-out Elemental for leveling with an eye on Resto later. But the last two times I rolled one, I thought, "why not just respec Exelus for a bit?" Then of course I never do. Perhaps this idea warrants further consideration - even though it feels weird to me having two of the same class.

Then there's always Cenarion Expedition grind for that Hippogryph... I've always pictured Exelus riding one. Cuz y'know, I'm all about the arrpee and stuff.


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