Saturday, May 17, 2008


Just as I was lamenting about the relative uselessness of Jewelcrafting, I find that one of the best trinkets for Enhancers is the Shadowsong Panther figurine. With today's unlocking of the epic gem vendor on the Isle, it was time to turn in some badges and get this lil' kitty crafted. (Actually ended up buying only one gem with badges and the other off the AH, saving 15 badges for a future purchase.)

So yup the stealth level boost is obviously useless (lolrogueitem), but at 80 AP and the on-use 320 AP it's kind of a no-brainer over the Ancient Draenei War Talisman (my last green). The lost crit will be easily recoverable once I replace one of my remaining three blues. I'm now officially over the 1300 AP mark un-buffed, with a still-respectable ~24.5% crit. The word on the street is that 1400 AP is the target for T5 raiding, so I'm more than happy to get just this far.

Funny thing when this item is used, a little panther pet comes out for the 15 second duration. :)

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