Thursday, May 8, 2008


Completely offtopic and has nothing to do with Shaman-ing and little to do with WoW, but it's mah blog and I can writes what I wants to but I've been reading Hunters of Dune and think that the DUNE universe would make a totally badass setting for an MMO.

Apparently I'm not alone. Also looks like one was attempted (Dune Generations), but the company shut down? Boo.

I can see me now: a level 49 Fremen armed with a Crysknife and Weirding Module. Awesome!

Getting back to the WoW connection: there's a giant worm in the Bone Wastes named Hai'Shulud, who's organs are the objective of a quest that rewards Shani's Crysknife. See? Blizzard hearts Dune!

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