Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ding 14

Lol. I love the early game in WoW, with your limited spells/abilities, awful gear and huge aggro radius. There's something very refreshing about the danger lurking around every tree, usually in the form of a big hungry level 12 bear. /run!

So as part of some goofy experiment, I went out and bought a level 11 white dagger and had it enchanted with Fiery Weapon. The choice of a regular weapon is intentional, because even with the enchant it's not soulbound, and can thus be transferred to other characters or sold. When it procs, it adds 40 damage (or 60 if it crits). Combined with Flametongue Weapon and Lightning Shield, I'm having little downtime between pulls, as usually I'm only casting two Lightning Bolts then a Flameshock before melee'ing.

In other news, Exelus went to Zul'Aman yesterday for the first time and participated in the downing of the first boss and a decent attempt at the 2nd boss. More on that later. :)

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