Friday, May 9, 2008

Zoom zoom

With discipline and some incredible recent luck, I was able to pickup the reins to a Swift Red Griffon yesterday. :)

The discipline involved not buying some incredible pieces of gear off the AH (zomg Belt of the Black Eagle), and obsessively doing SSO dailies. Also in the last 24 hours, while doing these dailies, both a Blade of Wizardry and the formula for Cat's Swiftness dropped! They sold for a collective 1700g, so thankfully I'm not completely broke and can still happily spoil my alts.

Is the epic flyer worth it? The whole thing is pretty new, but wow this thing is faaast. It even runs at 100%, the same speed as an epic land mount - but a quick tap of the space bar and it accelerates to almost 3x that. Griffon races, anyone?

Next I need to research some good mining routes to take advantage of the new flight speed. :)


Anonymous said...

Not so much great routes as a good tracker - gatherer is fantastic.

Goeben said...

Ha ha! I got mine too, just this morning (post will be up soon). I didn't get any luck drops, just kept grinding away at the dailies and selling Alchemist goodies. So I'm very broke now.