Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WotLK Info Pouring Out

There seems to be a TON of spoiler infoz appearing on the interwebs now that Wrath is in official Alpha. I'm not going to link to anything because (as a technologist by trade), the whole concept of an NDA is pretty sacred to me. But still...

It's all looking pretty amazing - from new Shaman talents/mechanics to Death Knight toon pics to actual in-game videos of zones in development. Pretty fricken sweet. The hard part is just going to be keeping myself from spoiling it all by seeing too much in advance. :)

I have a minor bone to pick with a certain popular WoW info site, though: they say Blizzard asked them to take down leaked info posts (which they have), but then make a post linking to a site that has all the goods. Isn't that exactly the same as hosting the info yourself? (In principle?)

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