Friday, May 2, 2008

New Blue Shoes

When I first started writing this post, it was a rant about the horrors of PUG'ing and how attitude is everything, this is just a game, lets just have fun, not call each other names, not D/C at the first sign of trouble, etc. But let's just say that last night's experience in heroic Steam Vault reaffirmed my gratefulness to have found a mature and fun guild to run with, as the world (of warcraft) is full of immaturity and offensive noobrosity, and there's enough of that to deal with in the (real) world.

So instead... I will focus on mah new shoes!

After SV, a group of guildees decided to run the daily regular: Arcatraz. Generally tore our way through and had fun along the way, good times. So after downing that first voidy boss, lookie what drops: Outland Striders! Normally I don't get this excited over blues, but having posted on several occasions about my months-old level 63 boots, I was stoked to see them. We discussed the boots and since both the hunter and I were interested, we rolled and I got lucky. :)

Here's the brilliant part: after applying Boar's Speed enchant (it was significantly cheaper than Cat's Swiftness), I was able to swap out my old meta gem for the Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond. Net result: my crit is now just over 24%. Sweet.

Now it's fairly certain that my measly little pile of badges will be spent towards epic gems for that Shadowsong Panther trinket rather than PvP boots. :)

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