Sunday, June 1, 2008

Moar Haelz

Today Project Haelus went to four-man Blackfathom Depths as main healer with two mid-20's DPS and a level 29 Feral Tank. More or less level appropriate, but most mobs were gray to the tank - and at 25, most mobs were green to Haelus.

Wow what a long drawn-out instance! Took us over 2 hours to complete, with only two wipes. First wipe was in the murloc boss's room where we accidentally pulled the entire room, and second was in the Orc Warlock boss's room where someone clicked on the braziers, unleashing turtles and elementals. Woops. Twasn't me, though. Swears. And holy crap those elementals hit hard, but we got em down on the 2nd try.

The big lesson in today's BFD run was threat management: I think I'm starting to understand the mechanics of healing aggro a bit more. Starting slow with Lesser Healing Wave then using regular Healing Waves (or Gift of the Naaru) seemed to do the trick. On overpulls though, I could pretty much guess which mob(s) were going to come after me even before I started the cast. Not exactly sure yet what to do in those situations when the tank needs a heal, but hasn't yet established aggro on the adds.


So later I also ran Stockades with a different level-appropriate group, and thanks to a Paladin tank didn't have any issues with over-aggro'ing adds. Consecrate FTW! Went pretty smoothly, but did have a wipe that was entirely my fault on the Ogre boss - I was futzing with my totems as we ran in, and didn't notice the crazy burst damage that the tank was taking until too late. :( Nature's Swiftness + Healing Wave woulda come in handy here.



Goeben said...

Yes indeed, a Pally tank is by far the best match for a resto Shammy. In my experience with Druids or Warriors, you either need great CC support, or the tank need to overgear the content (i.e. better mitigation) and/or use a lot of AoE attacks and debuffs (swipe, demoralizing roar, thunderclap, etc.). (I have never played a tank, so I don't know if there are other techniques that would help.) This is especially noticable in Heroics.

Anonymous said...

Moar hoof pics imo.