Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm typing this on my iPhone. The Macbook Pro is in the shop with a bad "logic board." Sounds like a Johnson Rod explanation if u ask me.

Late last night the darn thing booted with no video. Not on the built-in screen, not on the external monitor. Apparently its a semi common issue, there's a fair amount of noise about it on the apple forums. Also its being fixed for free even though I'm three weeks out of warranty. Hmm, class-action prevention?

So besides being computerless for possibly a week, I missed tonights Gruuls run. Doh. Hopefully me guildies came away with a good time and phat loots. Lame thing is GuildPortal won't run propers with mobile safari, so I can't even check the loot list to see what dropped! Boo.

WTB working puter plskthx.

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