Friday, June 6, 2008

Murmur and Moar Leatherz

Last night in Azeroth was a bit random, did some dailies and then helped a guildee with two Kara key frags, taking us into Shadow Labs and Arcatraz.

First, lets talk about Murmur. He's the big dude pictured at right. He's the final boss in Shadow Labs, and has had my number on speed dial every time I had been there before.

Ring ring, "Hi Exelus? This is Murmur. I kills you now."

It's a seriously Enhancement unfriendly fight, with the shockwave slow thing followed-up by that neat debuff. What a mess. I've never lived through this fight, until last night. :) The quest to down him also yielded a nice 32g at 70, after selling the quest reward.

As a bit of vindication, he also dropped the Leggings of Assassination, part of a nice Rogue set. I had been wearing Seer's Linked Leggings (one of my last two remaining blues), but Rating Buster lit up with green numbers in all meaningful PvE categories. More AP, crit, hit, etc., and this was before applying leg armor.

I was too beat to do the EP calcs last night on-the-fly, but it looks like Rating Buster was absolutely right, the Assassination pants come in at 200.85 EP over the Seer's 122.66. I lost a bit of raw strength but gained agility, probably a good thing as I seem to be out-of-balance on the two at the moment anyway. Also passed 100 hit rating (6.72% +9% with talents).

Woot for leather.

And Arcatraz, that's just a fun instance. I really need to come back and do both of these in Heroic.

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