Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday I got an email from the folks at FigurePrints, the outfit that "prints" 4-inch tall 3D models of your WoW character. Several months ago, I had signed up to be part of their lottery system as apparently the demand is greater than their current output. Last night's email was a congratulatory message. :)

It looks like their prices have gone up from $99 to $129, but I'll still be placing an order this weekend. I realize that to some, that amount may seem expensive, but the chance to have a physical representation of a virtual character that I've spent so much time on is, IMO, awesome. Someday the WoW chapter will close and I'll be busy leveling my Protoss Archon in UoS (Universe of Starcraft!), so it'll be great to have Exelus sitting on my bookshelf, dual S1 axes at-the-ready.

Now is pretty good timing too, as Exelus currrently has a relatively-matching set of armor and weapons. Most likely I'll be decking him out in PvP gear rather than the mixed PvE/PvP leather gear you see pictured, as it matches a little better. (a Shaman in a skirt seems more fitting to me anyway - but maybe that's just the cross-dresser in me)

Umm wut?

I'll post pictures as soon as it arrives, of course. :)


Algaran said...

You lucky shammy you. $129 is a bit much for me i'll admit, but still, a very cool item.

Inglorien said...

Grats Ex! I'd love to get one of those even with the $100 price tag.
I think I'll be waiting tell I hit lvl 80 before I do though.

P.S. First time posting on your blog and thought I'd mention how awesome it is. =)