Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not Prepared

So I had this post all thought up about The Adventures of Haelus the Wonder Alt and his new goofy weapon enchant: Lifestealing, but tonight's Karazhan run totally trumps that.

Through a series of RL happenstance, our fearless raid leader was unable to start the run, and our backup (fearless GM) was also unavailable. Gulp. Since I started the invites, I somehow wound up "leading" the raid - totally unprepared and amateur-style. Luckily some of us had been doing Kara for a while, and they helped me along. Everyone performed fantastically despite my noobery.

So the big lesson tonight is that Enhancement Shaman'ing is ridiculous ezmode compared to raid leadin', where you have to be aware of Everything, all the time. It's not merely about knowing the mobs/encounters, but also knowing the capabilities of every class in your raid, including other considerations like gear and specs.

And then there's marking. Sheesh. I have all the function keys set to marks (F1 = skull, F2 = X, etc.), but I've only really used three. Tonight we had banish's, traps, shackles, two tanks, wandering patrols, the works. I must've cycled through ten keypresses trying to find the right marks on some of the mobs. I'm totally taping little icons to my keyboard.

I also wound up as master looter which is also more work than I had previously appreciated - l2delegate. :)

Anywho, the net results:
Attumen one-shotted.
Moroes two-shotted.
Maiden one-shotted.
Romulo and Julietta two-shotted us. :P

A great experience, but kinda nutty. Lol.


Anonymous said...

lols, I knew this would be up on shamantics today! Great job Exers.

Exelus said...

Aye, I'm fairly predictable. Heh. So when are we going to see an Uber Lock Blog?