Friday, March 14, 2008

Which Air

As Shaman, our biggest asset is our utility: the ability to make those around us better. One of the most important members of any party to buff is the main tank. As a simple rule of thumb, here are the three current types of tanks and which Air totem should be dropped to support them in typical 5-man instances:
  • Warriors: Windfury Totem for increased rage
  • Paladins: Wrath of Air for increased holy spell damage
  • Feral Druids: Grace of Air for increased crit and dodge
Things get less black & white when raiding, where you are likely to be grouped with other melee DPS (rogues, warriors, retadins, etc.). The rule of thumb here is, if you see a warrior of any kind in your group (or a swords rogue), Windfury wins. When grouped with dagger rogues, cat druids or hunters, Grace of Air would be appropriate.

Looking forward, it'll be interesting to see what happens when Death Knights arrive on the scene. Rumors have it that they will tank with a two-handed weapon, which (to me) implies some sort of magic-based armor - Wrath of Air might get the nod?

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Jandrae said...

For Warriors who use sharpening stones on their weapons or a Rogue using a poison on their MH they won't get a benefit from the WF totem. Some of them would rather have WF and take the stone or poison off but if not we're stuck dropping an Agi totem T_T.