Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PvP Weekend

Given that it was Alterac Valley bonus honor weekend, it seemed like a good time to grind up some honor and marks for teh welfare epix. Unfortunately, I also needed 40 Eye of the Storm marks (20 for each 1-handed weapon) which turned out to be a completely demoralizing affair but is now thankfully over. Would you believe 2 wins, 35 losses?

Thank Elune for Alterac Valley, though. By the end of the bonus weekend I was having to dump excess AV marks for potions, and was surprised to find that the Stormpike Battle Charger could be had for only 50 marks! No reputation requirement, no gold, just marks!

Now I'm just waiting for Eonar to come back up to see if I have enough honor for my 2nd Gladiator's Cleaver. :)


Jandrae said...

"Would you believe 2 wins, 35 losses?"

Yeah sometimes it's agonizing. When I was working on my Warlock's PVP set I needed 20 WSG tokens and went 1-17. I'll never do WSG again lol.

Sorry for the mass amount of replies! I've been looking for a Shaman blog for a bit and saw your link posted on another blog.

Exelus said...

No worries, glad you found this blog - spread the word, give me ideas for future posts, etc.! /salute