Sunday, March 23, 2008

Alterac Valley Tactics

As of Patch 2.3, it's well known that Enhancement Shaman suffer from efficacy issues in battlegrounds, but one of the reasons why I like AV is that it combines many PvE elements along with PvP, giving us Enhancers more to contribute. Here's my usual tactic:

Make a beeline for Galv along with the rest of the offense. Plop a Searing Totem and Tremor Totem and then go to work windfury'ing.

Afterwards mount up and head directly south for Frost Wolf Relief Hut. Along the way, check to see if Frost Wolf Graveyard has been capped. If not, assist by kiting the guards away from the flag so another can cap the flag - or, if alone - pop Earth Elemental totem and take out each mob from behind.

Continuing on to the RH, assist any ongoing battles. Then head up one (if not both) FW towers and down any archers (using Windwall Totem, the only application for this totem in the entire game as far as I can tell!).

Once the towers are secured and everything caps (reducing the number of elites standing with Drek), someone invariably yells, "all in!" My opening attack is an Earth Shock against one of the two wolves guarding Drek. This draws aggro and keeps the wolf off the tank (Shaman Off-tanking FTW!). Then take out the other wolf before going to work on Drek himself, who's usually well below 50% health by this point. Usually pop Heroism and Fire Elemental totem if available.

Notice the trend here? I help out in PvP where I can, but mostly go after PvE targets where Enhancement is already most effective.

General Tactics
Frost Shock and Earthbind Totems are your most effective tools when fighting close-in. Destory other Shaman totems - not all players understand how much of an edge totems can be and will often ignore them to their detriment.

Always go after PvP opponents before PvE mobs when trying to secure an objective. Move around like you've had too much Red Bull - rapidly circling your enemy does make it harder for them to target you, and in general just frustrates them.


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