Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Karazhan, Part Deux

Second time in Kara tonight, and this time I got to see the first part of the instance: Attumen & Midnight, then the (Iron) Maiden \m/, then Romulus & Julianne and finally an attempt on Nightbane! Went really well overall - prior to Nightbane only had one wipe on random trash, and the rest of the bosses went down fairly easily. Nighty was a whole different story, though. /readbossstrats

So remember when I was wondering what to do about my green bracers? Well guess what dropped tonight?! Stalker's War Bands. Second evar epic! Another nice Shaman-friendly piece also dropped: Beastmaster Pauldrons, but those went to our hunter, natch. Grats!

All in all a very fun night, with 9g in repairs (ouch, I'm coming to collect, Nightbane!) and 7 badges, now just three shy of being able to get that nice totem.

In PvP news, I continue to be disheartened by the continual "You can't do that right now." I swear I spend half my time on the battlefield dazed. Since I'm trying to get welfare epics and rares primarily for soloing and PvE, I don't want to blow 8k honor just for the entry-level movement-freeing trinket! Also am leaning towards the Gladiator's Linked Helm rather than the shoulders now, but we'll see how things shake out once I actually get 2.4 rare PvP bits and grind out the 8k more honor I need. GG.

P.S.: I did it, got Crusade. :)

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