Friday, March 14, 2008

Current Gear

According to, I currently have a "blue" gear rating of 774, and so I thought I'd outline my current random mix of greens, blues and purples for posterity (and a good laugh once WOTLK comes out and we're all drooling over quest greens again).

Head - Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight - Quest
Neck - Talon Lord's Collar - Quest
Shoulders - Netherstorm Shoulderguards of the Soldier - AH
Back - Cloak of Impulsiveness - Old Hillsbrad
Chest - Breastplate of Rapid Striking - AH
Wrists - Stalker's War Bands - Karazhan
Hands - Handguards of Precision - Quest
Waist - Netherstorm Belt of the Soldier - AH
Legs - Scaled Greaves of Patience - Old Hillsbrad
Feet - Boots of Savagery - Guild Bank
Ring - Violet Signet - Quest
Ring - Acrobat's Mark of the Sha'tar - Quest
Trinket Ancient Draenei War Talisman - Quest
Trinket - Darkmoon Card: Crusade - Random Drops and AH
Main Hand - Reflex Blades - Arcatraz
Off Hand - Mag'hari Fury Brand - Quest
Totem - Stonebreaker's Totem - 20 Badges of Justice

Obviously room for improvement, most notably weapons, shoulders, waist and trinket. The weapons and shoulders should be fixable with PvP rewards, the waist from the Arcatraz key quest reward, and the trinket from running Black Morass a few times (Hourglass of the Unraveller).


Goeben said...

Thanks for stopping by my Resto blog,! I'm glad you wandered in and took time to reply; feedback is definitely appreciated.

Well, 2.4 should drop tomorrow or next week. I need to grind some cash and primals, which will go a lot faster specced Enhancement. I am definitely picking up the new Seer's Mail Armor (Enhance PvP set). I have a bunch of uncommon gems and a Brutal Earthstorm meta gem (cheapest meta I could find that seemed slightly useful), Clefthide reinforce for the pants, etc. Auchenai Boots, Auchenai Bracers, Hero of the Maghar Necklace, etc. -- quest junk I've been saving up for an Enhance set. I picked up a Gladiator's Pummeler with honor points and a Rockbiter Cutter of the Bandit from the AH for an off hand. Now I just need to learn what to do with it all!

Exelus said...

You just gave me a great idea for a post about melee attack rotations (solo, raiding, threat mitigation techniques), look for it soon! /salute