Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Melee Rotations

Goeben from Chain Heal recently posted a comment about trying out Enhancement for grinding, so here are some melee rotation ideas for those looking to give dual-wielding pew-pew a go.

If you can pick a spot between a large number of mobs, you'll want to set up with a few totems, in this order of importance: Grace of Air (for crit), Strength of Earth (attack power), Searing Totem (extra DPS) and if needed, either Healing or Mana totems. For maximum mana efficiency, pull using rank 1 or 2 lightning bolts. Then the basic melee rotation then goes:
  • Stormstrike and auto-attack
  • wait for Shamanistic Focus, then Flame Shock
  • wait for another Focus
  • Stormstrike again if it's up
  • Earth Shock
  • repeat
Don't forget to use Shamanistic Rage when you're low on mana or are taking big hits, it restores mana on every hit and also reduces all forms of incoming damage. With some discipline and waiting for Focus procs, you should be relatively downtime-free as far as mana is concerned.

If you've pulled more than one mob, drop a Stoneclaw totem for a few seconds of crowd control, or Earth Elemental if you're in big trouble.

The rotation is pretty similar here, but with mana preservation being less of an issue in groups with managed pulls, the need to wait for Focus procs is eliminated - you just want to do maximum sustained DPS:
  • Stormstrike
  • Flame Shock
  • Earth Shock
  • repeat
Player vs. player is an entirely different animal, where your primary goal is to slow your opponent, then start melee. My typical PvP rotation is:
  • Frost Shock
  • Earth Bind totem (if there's time/appropriate)
  • Stormstrike (and thereafter anytime it's up)
  • Either Earth Shock for burst or Frost Shock again
Using a combination of Frost Shocks and Earth Bind, you should be able to keep them slowed and within range. My advice would also be to avoid going 1-on-1 against rogues, since you'll be lucky to get a shock off before being paralyzed into oblivion. :)

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Goeben said...

Thanks for the info! If the patch drops tommorow, I will respec and try your suggestions. I need a zillion primals, so I should get plenty of practice.