Friday, April 4, 2008

Head on my Shoulders

Despite Alterac Valley being far more, uhm "balanced" after 2.4 (no more easymode honor), I managed to slog through enough matches tonight to finish the 14.5k honor needed for my 2nd Season 1 armor piece: the Gladiator's Linked Helm. With the two-piece bonuses (from both Gladiator's Linked and Seer's Linked armor sets), I'm now up to almost 200 resilience, which has made a notable difference in my PvP survivability - but I still (at some point) should get the movement-freeing trinket.

But for now, I'm done with BGs. Getting the axes, shoulders and helmet have been the very definition of grind, and not really a very fun one. All the unsportsmanlike commentary and juvenillia has really gotten on my nerves. (Sure, I know juvenillia's not a word, but it should be.)

Anyway, the whole point of getting welfare epics was to gear-up for PvE, and I think I've accomplished what I wanted to for now. Sure my boots are 6 levels outdated and I need a better crit trinket and cloak, but I figure these other bits will just have to come from lucky drops. Or from impulsive auction house purchases.



Jandrae said...

What trinkets are you using? When I was enhance I used the hourglass from BM and the abbacus (sp?) from Mech to start out with. I'm about to suck it up and PVP for the caster dps mace since i'm having horrible luck getting the dagger from prince or the dagger from heroic magisters to drop. Ugh. I hate PVP honor grinds.

Exelus said...

I'm with ya - I hate honor grinds and relying on drops... that's mostly why I currently have Darkmoon Card: Crusade and the quest reward trinket: Ancient Draenei War Talisman. I'd love to get the Hourglass to replace the Talisman, though.

The card is really nice for extended fights (raiding) and chain-pull grinding, but there are nice alternatives like the Abacus and even quest rewards like Core of Ar'kelos, which I still have in the bank.