Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Last night's Karazhan run went very well: just about 2 hours to down Curator, passing through Attumen, Maiden, and Romulo/Julietta along the way. Died a few times on trash (oops, L2Omen), but managed to stay alive during all four boss fights (a tribute to our uber healz!).

The big news from last night was Curator's dropping of Gauntlets of the Fallen Champion, which can be used to buy Tier 4 Shaman gloves.

Now backing up a bit... the first time I made it to Shattrath and found Asuur, I started control-clicking the various bits of armor to see what the Cyclone set would look like on Exelus (look at those shoulders!). Thinking that I'd never really be able to get any of the this stuff, I /sighed and he eventually just became my repair vendor.

Fast-forward to the present (or last night), when our Paladins started passing on the token. A quick analysis showed that the Cyclone Gauntlets had more raw strength than my current Felfury Gauntlets, so I opted for the token.

Due to Felfury's gemming I actually lost a bit of AP and crit, but gained scalable AP (through strength), ~1% hit and 240 mana, so while technically not a huge upgrade, it's a step in the right direction. Especially if (when?) I get a 2nd piece of Cyclone, since the bonus would grant an additional 12 strength on my Strength of Earth totem.

Gruul's Lair, are you in my future?!?!

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