Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Complaint Registered

Yesterday's daily PvP was Warsong Gulch, which already ranks as my 2nd least-favorite battleground below EotS. I gave it three solid attempts, but alas came away with only three marks and a pittance of honor.

On the final game, the Alliance went to 0/2 caps. General disorganization, a complete lack of offense and no defense seemed to be the cause. Ugh. Since everyone was busy dying midfield, I grabbed the flag solo and ghost-wolfed it back to our flag room. Suddenly cries of, "let them win" and "drop the flag" went up over chat. Another chimes in with, "lets get this over with, I have #%?# to do." I angrily drop the flag and type, "pfft nice attitude."

Then I see Complaint Registered.

Are you kidding me? Someone effing reported me for wanting to win?!

Now in some BGs, there does come a tipping point when "just let them win" becomes appropriate. Like in Arathi Basin when you find yourself holding 1 node to their 4, with a 1,000 resource point deficit. OK fine, let them win. Warsong Gulch, however, is not AB.

L2WSG, quitters.


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Jandrae said...

People in battlegrounds usually aren't the brightest crayons in the pack. I was reported as AFK while I was in the cave in AV doing the trinket quest. I was moving, killing things and getting the quest item but still reported as AFK by enough people. Good times.