Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Getting over the 70 hump felt like a huge accomplishment, but luckily there's still plenty to do:

Shadow Labs - Got my first Kara key frag last night, but it's really not an Enhancement-Shammy-friendly place... I got owned by our mind-controlled hunter (that was embarrassing), and then again on Murmur's sonic blast (twice). Ugh. Makes me consider respecc'ing Elem/Enh so I have more options for doing ranged DPS.

PvP - Finally entered Arathi Basin for the first time. The first match was haxored by the Horde: they had captured two nodes before our gates even opened. WTF, reported. The 2nd match was close but it seemed that everyone fell into place as far as knowing where they should be and what they should be doing. Four marks and a handful of honor kills, not bad for an hour of play. I always feel like PvP makes me a better PvE player anyway, so it's something I'll be doing more because...

Gear - I seem to be obsessed with getting better shoulders (and matching armor). After some research, Welfare Epics are starting to look nice - the Arena Season 1 rewards are decent, and it's conceivable that after a few weeks of occasional PvP I'll be able to build a nice set that I can gem for PvE, too.

Oh, and I'm still enamored with flying, but after re-amassing almost 1k gold after the flyer purchase, I don't think I'll be actively working on an epic flyer just yet - maybe after Wrath when income is likely to take another boost.

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