Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ding 70

I thought reaching level 70 would be somewhat anti-climactic, but I was wrong. I managed to do it in Blade's Edge Mountains, leaving several unexplored zones ahead of me. Plus, my log is still half-full of skipped Outland instance quests. I'm starting to get the feeling like there's a whole new game opening up to me because...


With some frugality and discipline I managed to save enough to buy my regular flyer straight away, so the first thing I did was run over to Wildhammer Keep and pick up a badass Ebon Griffon. It even has that new griffon smell. Err, ok maybe not. A quick edit to BaudMount (auto-equipping Riding Crop FTW) and after setting up a new hotkey (Shift-F), I was airborne. Weeeee!

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