Monday, January 28, 2008


It's not like the World (of Warcraft) needs another freakin' blogger, but having been inspired by the likes of Big Red Kitty, it seemed to me that starting a Shaman-focused blog may not be such a bad idea. So here goes...

First a bit about my main, an Enhancement Shaman named Exelus on Eonar US (with a shout-out to my guild, Chivalry!). He's currently level 69.5, and is the first character I've been able to stick with past the 40s. My stable of alts looks like Imelda Marcos' shoe collection. But I digress... why has Exelus held my interest the longest? Most of you know that Shaman are all about utility, and that utility gives us a myriad of playstyle and tactical choices while exploring the World (of Warcraft). Slinging a lightning bolt, swinging an axe, throwing a heal - all in the same battle. Pure win.

Now on to my first article, the Enhancement spec.

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