Monday, January 28, 2008


In my rush to level Exelus, I missed out on a bunch of instances, so when a plea went up in guild chat to help clear the end of Mara yesterday, I was happy to oblige. (The carebear in me likes to visit lower level instances and show the lowbies what Shaman tanking is all about...) Kidding, we shouldn't tank. Evar. We have a lovely Earth Elemental to do that for us.

Anywho, seeing the inside of Maraudon was neat, but are you kidding me that place is fricken huge! Who's got 2 hours to sludge through that place with all level 40-somethings? Can you imagine the corpse run if your group wiped? Ugh.

Blizzard: LF shorter instances plskthx.

On the upside, I gots 1.5 gold and 1,005 XP by accepting that quest at the end, turning in at Remulos in Moonglade. Lawl.

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