Thursday, February 28, 2008

Patch 2.doh

Patch 2.4 news is pretty big on the Shaman front, specifically in regards to PvP viability. Sadly, some of these changes translate to significant PvE nerfs. For example, even though Shamanistic Rage now increases mana regained from 15% to 30%, the duration of the ability is reduced by half. Doh! I often use this to mitigate damage during boss and AOE fights (SR reduces damage taken by 30%), so the reduced duration is a serious PvE nerf.

Flametongue (both weapon imbue and totem) now cause a debuff that lowers healing on the target by 50% during a 5-second refreshable duration. Again, great for PvP, but kinda meh for PvE except on certain fights when bosses take healing in some form. Ghost Wolf cast time reduced to 2 seconds, so conceivably a fully talented Improved GW will make it insta-cast, good for PvP and perhaps for a soloing non-Enhancement Shaman, I guess. For Enhancement those points are still better spent elsewhere.

And the biggie - ZOMG Karazahn attunement removed.

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