Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with finding better shoulders? No doubt it's some form of epeenery, but my Netherstorm Shoulderguards of the Soldier just ain't cuttin' it. The stats are decent enough for an Enhancement Shaman, but they're undersized and look like an auction house green - because, they are, in fact, an auction house green.

Enter Patch 2.4, where we'll supposedly be able to buy a matched set of PvP-geared armor for a smidge of gold and rep. Throw in a few PvE gems and I should be ready to rock with some decent looking kit. Currently I have enough rep to get the shoulders and gloves, and with a few more Keepers of Time runs (3?) I'll have enough rep to get the skirt. Err, kilt? Then, it's either grinding Sha'tar or Honor Hold rep to get the 4-piece set bonus of a faster Stormstrike cooldown. Woot.

UPDATE: KoT revered!
UPDATE 2: All pieces only require Honored now?!


Goeben said...

The "kilt" is actually part of the chest, like a robe. You don't see the pants. So if you want to wear something else (or nothing at all :) ) underneath, no one will know until they /inspect you. (Hey, you pervert! Get you hands out from under my skirt!)

Exelus said...

Ahh yes, thanks for the clarification! Found this site that has a neat 3D model, too: