Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Notes to Self: DK Tanking

When tanking Sartharion and Emalon, do not attempt do so while in DPS spec.

My sincerest of apologies to our guild healers.



Skraps said...

Also it is a good idea to avoid raid healing in your elemental spec.

"WTF? Why did my Earth Shield key just knock every mob back...and why does it look like a thunderstorm around me?"


Rhabella said...

You are at least somewhat forgiven, I ran with a pally one day who did the same thing. How in the hell a paladin didn't notice immediately when he had not shield abilities is beyond imagination.

Pyxia said...

You forgot to mention that you successfully tanked Sartharion in your dps gear *grin*

Your friendly neighborhood rouge...uh, I mean rogue

Exelus said...

Actually I was in the right gear and presence, just was missing a lot of key mitigation talents for increased dodge/parry/miss.

The other goofy thing about my Tanking and DPS spec is that my rotations are mostly macro'd/hotkeyed, so by spamming: 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, it all seemed to be the same. And most of my spells are in the same location for muscle-memory reasons.


Jason Beebe said...

It was funny that it took a tier 8 boss for us to notice. You were doing fine against Sarth. lol.

Kaelara said...

Agreed! Though I'm glad to realize I'm not quite as rusty as I felt when healing you!