Monday, June 22, 2009

New Wings

My first foray into World of Warcraft was way back in 2005, when a co-worker convinced me to pickup a copy and join the guild they had formed in the office.

Naturally, I rolled a Night Elf Hunter (so predictable...), bumbled my way through Teldrassil, got tricked by that Satyr on the way to Dolanaar, found my way through the impossibly-large Darnassus, and finally out to Rutheran Village, where Araes took an incredible flight to Darkshore.

I remember that first flight quite well: being amazed by the speed, altitude and distance! Equally amazing was the winged steed I was precariously perched on, with it's motion-sickness-inducing bob and zany color scheme. I loved it, and took lots of rides back and forth just to marvel at the beast.

About a month later I decided to put WoW on a shelf (not to revisit the game until 2007), and Araes' magical Hippogryph ride faded from memory...

Fast-forward to last night, and the picture says it all:

Cenarion War Hippogryph


Skraps said...

I am beginning to think I am just lame. I have no patience to grind rep. The only factions I am exalted with are Aldors, The Island, horde expedition, Kirin Tor, and Wyrmrest. (the last 2 exclusively through tabard rep.)

Although for some reason I have been obsessing over the fishing achievements. If I just spent 1/4 the time on rep grinds that I do on fishing I would be exalted with all the northrend factions.

Ninjaoctopus said...

Nice job...I hope to get this mount at some point with a character. Preferably with my Nelf Druid though but I'll see if I have the patience to do the rep grind to do so.