Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Horrifying Thought of the Day

The next WoW expansion may bring another hero class, and has been speculated to be a DPS/healer hybrid - perhaps some sort of leather-clad chiropractic monk?

If Blizzard follows the Death Knight example and allows all races to participate, then a certain branch of the Alliance will finally have all four roles covered: tanking, melee/ranged dps... and now heals.

Do you see where I'm going with this...?

All. Gnome. Raids.


Savin (Nay) Wangtal said...

All gnome raids? Gross!
Thankfully it won't happen too easily. It's perfectly within lore to see every race becoming DK. Afterall, the only pre-requisite to becoming one is being dead, and having pissed of the Lich King at some point of your life (which probably led to the aforementioned death).
But healers tend to be more spiritual type of people. And Gnomes are ANYTHING but spiritual. Unless of course this is a tech-based class that can heal through tossing potions at other class. In which case, Gnomes become the perfect candidate.

Rhabella said...

I agree with Savin, the gnomes have yet to really find any spirituality, and the 4 classes we have now are not exactly the medics from starcraft. It would be nice if the gnomes had a healing class because without one it leads many to wonder just exactly they survived relatively recluse in Gnomer for all those years. One would think they had to have some sort of healing.

I have been guessing that instead of a class that is playable by all races, they might introduce new ones to compliment the new hero class. Think new spiritual races...Blizzard always seems to tie them into the expansions anyway. The Tuanka, Arakkoa, Tuskaar are all classes that could be shaman and even druids so filling in another healer class that is somewhat spirtual would be an easy tie.

Of course, with all that said, venturing into the Maelstrom and hanging out in Undermine, we may find just how those Goblins and Gnomes heal themselves.

Pyxia said...


Of course I might be a little gnome-centric, but I think this would be a great idea. i just can't believe that gnomes have absolutely no medical care within their own community.

Granted, we aren't all that spiritual, but then again, we have met other races (heck, we've moved in with the dwarves). Is it so hard to believe that some of us haven't converted to a more spiritual way of thinking?

Even if that doesn't sway you, we are highly mechanical...I'm sure there are gnome doctors running around with hypospray like devices (I like to call them gnomosprays) and things like that to heal our own. I know!! I want a ray gun that shoots out healing waves!

What about Doc Mixilpixil? He may not inspire a lot of confidence, but he does cure the Touch of Zanzil.

I vote the next hero class is a super uber healing gnome! *evil...uh I mean cute little gnome laugh*

Skraps said...

If Gnomes get to heal, I want a Belf Warrior!

It drives me nuts that a Gnome can be a warrior, but a Belf can't? WTF? Really? We can be warriors only if we steal power from the Naru? OK I don't actually play a belf, just sayin.

Pyxia said...

But, if you were to play a blood elf, you would have the opportunity to play a tank (albeit not a warrior), a healer or a dps. Gnomes can only play as 5 different classes (which is fewer than any other race besides tauren which also has 5).

We are the only race that is missing one of the three roles. Every other race gets to choose if they want to tank, dps or heal. If Blizz doesn't think we should become priests, a pallys or a shaman...then let us become medics of some sort. That, to me, would seem to fit okay with the lore and fill that one last role.

You may not like the idea of all gnome raids...but I'd like the opportunity to do so like all the other races in Azeroth :-)

Ninjaoctopus said...

Aha, nice post here.

Personally, I wouldn't mind an all-gnome raid and I'm curious as to how they could slot a healer in to it all.

Perhaps an Engineer class which could heal via fancy gadgets? And then the Humans could possibly have it too. And for the Hordeys, the Undead and the Tauren?

That makes sense in my head...probably doesn't when typed out aha.