Monday, February 23, 2009

On Dual Specs

We seem to be nearing the launch of the dual-spec system, which I'm personally very excited about. MMO Champion has posted a dual spec Q&A if you want to know more.

Gaining the ability to dual spec will cost something. My guess would be 1,000 gold, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was 5,000 gold either. The justification being: how much is it worth to you to not have to level and other toon to max level? Start saving folks!

I also don't see this system solving the tank/healer shortage... mostly because I don't believe many actually enjoy tanking or healing. Added responsibility, needs a whole new level of game awareness, not to mention gear as well. Besides, DPS is just plain sexy.

The Upside for Us Hybrids
Now if you can get over the hump (yeah, I said hump) of L2heal and even start enjoying it, there's a huge upside for us hybrids: badges, badges, badges. LFG is constantly full of "wtb heals for roic this-n-that." A good healer will find themselves on a ton of friend's lists and never be out-of-work, so to speak. You should be able to gear-up your healing set by drops alone, and use your badges to buy funtime DPS pieces! Seems like a win-win to me.

Now if only badges were account-bound, we'd be onto something...

Dual Spec Plans
Currently I've got two 80s, the beloved Shaman and obligatory Death Knight. My next-closest alt is a 77 Priest, but I'm realizing he's becoming more of my Tailoring bot than anything else - and I don't plan on dual spec'ing him at all if it costs anything.

Exelus will go Elemental/Resto, natch. Those occasions when he's been forced kicking and screaming to heal, wasn't actually all that bad. With a certain amount of experience and gear things got easier, too. Even more fun when running with guildies.

Neverus the DK will likely go Frost tank and Frost dual-wield DPS (/PvP?). Yeah yeah, I know how two-handers are "better," take less +hit and all that, there's just something about slashing his way through stuff with two swords that I find appealing.

In Other News
Ex got his first piece of "item level 213" the other day! A heroic VoA PUG yielded this fancy skirt, his first PvP epic. Despite the resilience it still turned out to be better than my early-Naxx10 legs, so with a bada, boom and a bing it'll be here to stay for a bit.

Neverus tanked his first heroics and offtanked his first OS10 PUG raid, too. Have to say it was exhilirating. I definitely enjoy being up in the front, hanging onto mobs and Death Gripping loose ones from eating over-zealous DPS. Fun stuff!

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