Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elemental Fixed

Patch 3.08 finally dropped a few weeks ago, and as Borat is happy to report, "Lolemental Deeps Fixed!"

Wearing the same gear he had prior to the patch, Exelus was able to finally break 2,000 dps over the course of an average instance, up from a previous 1,600 or so (source: Recount).


So with some recent upgrades, lucky drops and crafted stuff (mostly loaded up with those tasty JC-only hit gems!) he's now squarely back in the mix competing with other DPS classes, something I'm very happy with. Sure he's not outputting 3k DPS like mages and the like, but when looking at overall damage done (ie: actual health-reducing contribution to the fights), he's usually able to be within the top 3 on 10-man PUGs and top 5 on 25-mans. Good times. :)

We're back, baby!

In other news, the guild is now regularly taking pokes into Naxx10, for which I've participated as Resto. Been learning lots about Shamantic healing (and have even started to like it - gasp!), but alas I haven't had a lot of time to put my thoughts together yet. Soon, hopefully!

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