Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why I'm Re-Rolling Hunter

UPDATE: yes, this was absolutely an April Fool's joke. Are you kidding? I <3 Shaman'ing!

This will be my final post at Shamantics, and I'll be starting a new blog chronicling the adventures of my new Blood Elf Hunter: Hunterantics.

I've been playing a Shaman for a long, long time. Too long. The truth is, I can never find a group anyway ("no thx, shaman dps is teh lolz" or "we don't need no stinkin' heals") so I'm a little fed up of being left out in the cold with nothing to do.

Also sick and tired of bringing up the rear on damage and healing meters when I do manage to ninja my way into a raid. I'm suprised Shaman can DPS their way out of a paper bag, frankly. And don't even get me started about the facerolling-chain-heal jokes. It's not funny folks. (It's our only healing spell, what do you want me to do?!)

Just take a look at the Shaman class forums: it's full of perfectly rational and valid reasons why the Shaman class sucks. For years I ignored all the crybaby QQ that happens in the forum, but in reality, I was just deluding myself. They've been right all along: Shaman are, in fact, for noobs.

On top of it all, whenever I'm rocking Enhancement spec I'm forced to roll on actual hunter loot (thanks for the itemization normalization, Blizz), but since no one seems to believe me, I've actually gotten /kicked out of two Naxx25 PUGs for rolling on hunter mail! WTF?!1 MEh needz! Gimme!!!

So I figure, if you can't beat em, join em.

Me and my tentcity pet will show y'all!!!

p.s.: will mailbox-dance for gold, pst.


Lindsay said...

Also sick and tired of bringing up the rear on damage and healing meters when I do manage to ninja my way into a raid.

IMHO, anyone who pays attention to the biggest numbers on the healing meters to judge who's the best healer... is someone who doesn't know much about GOOD healing. Right now, everyone is just nuke-healing - find your highest heal spell and spam the hell out of it. It isn't an accurate measure of actual skill. This is why i'm one of the few people who's actually happy about the upcoming mp5 nerfs.

That being said? CH is one of the worst healing spells in the game.

Pasteurised said...

Yeah, I hear you! I'm quitting WoW myself and going back to Everquest 1. The gameplay is so much more refined, and the graphics are amazing!

John said...

How Ironic!

I just quit my hunter main to focus on Shaman healing.

I vote we just trade accounts and call it a day.

p.s. If you choose to not pay for a server transfer, let it be known that you will have a built in reputation for wiping raids with ill timed pet attack macros, when you mean to hit missdirect.

Chris said...

I'll have to agree to disagree with you. I have both a 80 hunter and 80 shaman that have cleared all but Sarth 3D. In the lower gear levels Shammies have a tough time putting up the big dps numbers you're getting lolz about, but once an Ele shammy is geared, dps comes eazy. We actually run 3 of them in our 25 man progression team and while we don't compare with SV hunters or facerolling AOE mages, we have significant single target dps. 4k-4.5k dps on Patchwork, 5-6k on Thaddius is nothing to sneeze at. Combined with the various totems that buff dps and make healing easier on fights like GWF with her poison volleys, a 2 shammy heroism rotation so every fight can be burned through without having to worry if Heroism is off CD, etc. Nevermind the fact that aside from Boomkins, we're the only class that can effectively offheal in a dps spec on things like the Portal Acolytes in Sarth 2d & 3D.

Yes, you'll likely enjoy a hunter once you learn the spec and rotations (I enjoy both my toons equally for different reasons) but just because you're having trouble mastering shammy dps, doesn't necessarily mean it's broken. You're just not playing to it's strengths and/or running with groups that know much about them.

BTW - First tip for huntering...Tenacity pets are farming/grinding tanks, bring one to a raid and expect to get /kicked. Find yourself a Ferocity pet to avoid the embarassment.

John said...

I'm pretty sure this post was a tongue-in-cheek post. A lot of classes are frustrated with perceived weaknesses and the grass is always greener on the other side.

That is why I posted my earlier comment suggesting we switch toons.

I too have a 80 BM hunter, and a 80 resto shaman.

I gotta say I have been playing the resto shaman a lot more since the great BM nerf of 2008, and I have been in the very weird position of Main healing in both naxx and sarth for my "regular" pug.

Who woulda thunk it? A shammy healing the MT?

Exelus said...

Lol. Take a look at your calendar. ;)

Emma said...

April's fool