Thursday, April 9, 2009

Totems: Raid or Party?

The other night during a guild raid, I asked to be moved into the ranged group so our mages could benefit from my totems - when someone piped-up with, "aren't all totems raid-wide now?"

Uhh... err... wha... I'm not sure anymore!

/equip noobhat

Turns out Rakhman at Flame Shock has already covered the topic and I consider myself smarter because of it. :) The cliff notes from his post:
  • Buffing and Resistance totems are now raid-wide
  • Restorative and Cleansing water totems are only party-wide
  • Grounding and Tremor totems are also only party-wide
Therefore, it's still a good idea to group Shaman with mana-users for Mana Spring (and Tide), but all casters and/or physical DPS (within range) should be able to benefit from your major buffs like Flametongue and Strength of Earth.


sendekyo said...

I'm not sure if you saw the news regarding patch 3.1, but Mana Spring will be raid-wide at that point leaving Mana Tide and Grounding totems party-wide. However Mana Spring and paladin's Blessing of Wisdom will no longer stack.


Exelus said...

Wow thanks for the info - I can't keep up!

Valkure said...

Mana Spring will be raid wide. I havent found any confirmation of a "all totems, all raid wide" sort yet. And I'm especially nervous about that, with how important I find the Cleansing Totem(s) now...