Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Fifth Element

After my recent primer post on totems I started daydreaming about a potential for a fifth element to be released as part of some future expansion. There's some precedence for the use of Spirit as the fifth Shamantic element, both in lore and the existing game (Feral Spirit). Here are some ideas for new totems/buffs:

Spiritual Focus Totem - increases the caster's and nearby party member's spirit attributes by X (similar to Priest's Divine Spirit ability, but doesn't stack with it). Likely to become the default Spirit totem.

Shadow Resistance Totem - similar to the Paladin aura or Priest resistance buff, increasing nearby player's shadow resistance by X (non-stacking).

Spirit Elemental Totem - summons a spirit elemental into the physical world to attack the casters current target, inflicting X physical damage on a single target and healing nearby party members by Y per strike. Physical damage scales with the caster's attack power, and healing effects scale with the caster's spell power. 20 min cooldown, shared 5 min cooldown with other elemental totems.

Spiritual Link (buff) - when all five totems are down within 10 yards of each other, they form a Spiritual Link, increasing effectiveness of all the caster's totems by X. (I could picture a beam of light connecting all five totems!)

Feel free to comment on your own ideas for this potential fifth element! :)

And no, Gary Oldman isn't a valid new totem type.


Anonymous said...

I can't pull up WoWWiki to confirm this (damn you, Internet filters! /shakes fist), but I'm pretty sure the canonical fifth element is the Wyld. :) If I recall correctly, Feral Spirits are actually Wyld, not spirit, and they're the first incarnation of the Wyld to show up in-game.

Exelus said...

Ooh I hadn't heard of Wyld yet - would love to read up on it if you can find a link!

Rich said...

Great ideas, very well thought out. I like the idea of taking the time to put down 5 totems for an OP totem buff. Something like that would make shamans a must-have in raids.

Brett said...

Exelus, it's referenced to in the Lord of the Clans book by Christie Golden. When Thrall takes his rites as a Shaman, the fifth element he encounters is that of the Wild, of all things living.

Exelus said...

Awesome info Brett, thanks!

Mike ... said...

Not sure I like the idea of *more* totems to manage.

But the spiritual link thing sounds interesting.

Adam said...

How about Shadow? There's already corresponding elements in the game (Crystallized Shadow, Air, Water, etc)

But I guess Shamans are on the good side of nature. Would be awesome.

Totem of Shadow Wrath
All damage done by Party Members within 10 Yards also inflict 50 shadow damage with their melee attacks or spells.


Totem of the Shadows
Party members with 10 yards increase their dodge and parry rating by 3%. Lasts 5 Minutes.

That would be great buff for your tanks.

Fin said...

I really like the spirit totems idea and especially like the shadow resistance totem, as a draenei shaman I have a slight shadow resistance already but I don't see why I couldn't share that with my allies. :D

Shammys are all about sharing.