Sunday, December 7, 2008

Elemental FTW

Exelus hit 77 tonight, and finally got his wings back!

Elemental has continued to be a lot of fun, especially after a respec (thanks Aaron J) and a slight modification to my soloing DPS rotation. Here are my current key bindings:

2) Lightning Bolt
3) Flame Shock > Lava Burst > Lava Burst
4) Chain Lightning > Lightning Bolt > Lightning Bolt > Lightning Bolt

All are macros which include things like Elemental Mastery and automatic trinket pops. Keys 3 & 4 have resets that match the respective cooldowns of Lava Burst and Chain Lightning. Taking down a mob looks like:

2, 2 - two sequential Lightning Bolts (flight time ftw)
3, 3 - Flame Shock then a Lava Burst crit
4, 4 - Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt
5 - Earth Shock finisher (if needed)

The mob is usually dead by the fourth or fifth key press. :) And of course, Thunderstorm is available if I need to push back multiple mobs and/or get a spell off.

Sidenote: anyone else notice that quest reward armor matches much better than the clown gear we got in TBC? Aesthetics FTW.


Bumwaller said...

I am researching a better way to do my macros for Elemental rotations. I haven't used the /castsequence much, but will look into it. Can you show an example of what your whole macro looks like? Thanks.

D-Form said...

I'm new to WOW and am only a lvl 20 elemental Shaman.

Even though I don't have Lava Burst or Chain Lightning I still follow your rotation. Bolt>Bolt>Flame Shock>Earth Shock and usually one more hit and they're gone.

What does a "reset" do in a macro?

Exelus said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments/questions - hopefully I've been able to answer them in my latest post: Elemental Macros In Depth.