Friday, October 17, 2008

3.02 Level 70 Enhancement DPS Rotation

The introduction of new abilities (and tweaks to existing ones) has undeniably changed what our maximum DPS rotation is going to look like. First, a quick overview of how my keybinding is/was set up, as it has some bearing on the hot DPS action:

Your default action bar (bottom left) is already set up as 1-through-equals sign. To keep things within reach, I've set the bar above it to use shift-number key.

Pre-3.02 Keybinding and Rotation
In general, I set up the keys to follow the standard DPS rotation:
  1. auto attack (sometimes you want to start off mellow)
  2. storm strike macro of doom (pops a trinket, /startattack, /cast storm strike)
  3. flame shock macro (/startattack then /cast)
  4. earth shock macro (also /startattack then /cast)
  5. frost shock (mostly for pvp and threat gen)
DPS was as easy as 2, 3, 4, repeat. The /startattack business ensured that if you started melee with a shock (during grinding for example), you'd also start melee'ing.

Post-3.02 Keybinding and Rotation
In a nutshell: we want to SS whenever its up, Earth Shock whenever its up, Lava Lash whenever it's up, and insta-Lightning Bolt (or Chain Lightning or Heal) whenever 5x Maelstrom Weapon is up. (Note that Flame Shock has fallen out of temporary favor since our enhanced spell damage improves ES more, but that may change when Lava Burst is introduced at 75.) The new keybindings:
  1. auto attack
  2. updated storm strike macro of doom (see below)
  3. lightning bolt (shift-3 as Chain Lightning)
So now we're proposing to let our SS macro do more work for us, and manually weave-in Lightning Bolts/Chain Lightning (or a heal) whenever 5x Maelstrom Weapon is up. The improved storm strike macro of doom:
  • pops a trinket
  • /startattack
  • /castsequence reset=8 Stormstrike, Earth Shock, Lava Lash, Earth Shock
And therefore DPS becomes: mash the 2 key until 5x MW, then hit 3 (or some other instant). Situationally, flame/wind/frost shocks are still very useful, so they're close at-hand at 4, shift-4 and 5 respectively.

Honorable mention for the tilde key (`) as it's now bound to /petattack for our newfound Feral Spirit friends. :)

3.0 Pocket Guide
Castsequence Macro

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