Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Healy Gear, Etc.

It's been a little while since my last post, but am happy to report the computer is back from Apple, good as new. Let the postings begin again. :)

Tonight we had an absolutely great run through the first half of Karazhan - it's been a while since I've been able to run it and it was fun to join in again. 3-ish hours yielded six bosses down and 12 badges with ZERO wipes. Woots.

One of the highlights was off-healing the Maiden fight with my "caster set." It was a nice change of pace, and even though my spec is wrong and my gear was patchwork, I felt I did OK and was able to contribute to the fight without becoming another melee liability. Chain Heal, of course, made it pretty easy. :)

The gear wasn't really a true healer set (maybe 600-ish +healing?), since most of the bits were comprised of the Elemental reputation PvP set, but after running heroics/Kara a few times and getting exalted with Shattered Sun, I've come away with some decent healy epics so I figured it was time to step-up the other offspec gear.

After collecting the Resto-focused Seer's Ringmail PvP set along with various healy Jewelcrafting trinkets, gems and glyphs, I now sit at 932 +healing, 90 mp5 IFSR (241 OFSR) with just under 9k mana. Lol, not bad for a field medic, methinks.

I still need to look at some cheap enchants (including the Aldork shoulder 'chant), but am not totally sure where to start. More research is warranted, but it seems like I could use some more Int (and Stam, for that matter) in this getup.

In other news, I'm still 12k honor away from S2's Right Ripper. Maybe I'll grind out some honor as "restohancement." Lol.


Goeben said...

Grats on your healy progress! Are you going to give a Resto spec a try? C'mon, it's only money! What do you have to lose?

I can't read your Wowhead links through the firewall at work, but I'm assuming from the pic that you have the Shattered Sun healy mace. It's decent, though the S2 Gladiator's Salvation is better, if you are willing to grind the honor, and it's the best you can get until beyond Kara. If you plan to keep a specific healy weapon for a while, get the +81 heal enchant. If you have healy bracers, there is a heal enchant (+35?) as well.

Is that 90 MP5 with or without your Water Shield? If it is without, then your effective MP5 is 140, adequate for Kara level healing. If you expect to do any substantial healing your priority given your current stats should be to get your +heal up. Int and MP5 are second priority, stam is least important.

Don't forget, though, that if you go with a deep Resto build, Nature's Blessing gives you +heal/+dmg equal to 30% of your int -- that would be the easiest way to boost your +heal.

Exelus said...

Thanks for the tips and comments! I will likely give a full Resto build a try at some point in the near future, esp for PvP. There are obviously hugely important talents in the Resto tree, like +healing, PvE threat reduction and the orbiting poo.

The 90 MP5 IFSR is with Water Shield, so I've got some work to do there if I want to start main healing. :)

You're correct that I have the healy mace from SSO, as well as the shield. Other epic bits are Wave Fury Vambraces, Gloves of Centering, Belt of Gale Force and Totem of Healing Rains.

Yikes, just realized the Gloves still have some weaksauce green gems, will fix that later. Heh.