Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To Cataclysm!

Next week Cataclysm will launch, and - as millions of others have done - I've already pre-ordered the digital download and will join the throngs of pixelated avatars exploring and fighting their way through new virtual challenges. (Deathwing, I'm lookin' at you, kid.)

For this return to Azeroth, I will continue to play Elemental with a Resto offspec, and will likely become enchanted with an alt or two, just as in prior expansions.

However, due to the realities of my current (real) life, I'm simply not finding the time to write & research as much I had done in years past. As such, I'll be officially shutting down this blog until further notice.

Happy hunting!
~Exelus the Kingslayer

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