Friday, September 26, 2008

Is Just Theorycraftin'

Boy do I like teh chart above (source), as it bodes well for both Exelus and Ciribrus (who will likely go back to Doomchicken in Wrath). Ofc it's all speculation in the World of Mathcraft (BETA), but I sure do like them purty bars.

Moar. DPS. FTW.

Nerf bat inc.


Rakhman said...

I've seen blue posts saying Enhancement DPS is too high currently and needs bringing down (boo) but Elemental is too low and needs increasing (hurrah), so I guess some changes are incoming.

I bet those Mages are going to be annoyed at Warlocks once again doing more damage tho.

Exelus said...

I'm not surprised to hear that Rak - and while I'd love to see Shaman of all flavors dominating the charts, it's my feeling that we're still (in essence) a support class. The archetypal classes (mages, rogues, even fury wars) *should* have the potential to be top DPS, with all the other offspec/hybrids coming-in at 5-10% less, because we make the other classes 5-10% better.