Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Has WoW Jumped the Shark?

MMO Champion is reporting the confirmation of a new mechanical mount for Wrath of the Lich King, "the Hog."

OK, I'm not a hardcore RP'er or anything, but to me, this is a fairly significant break in the fourth wall, blurring the lines between WoW and real life. It's a question of suspended disbelief, a literary tool that helps us immerse ourselves when watching movies or playing video games.

You might argue that the current flying mount is a roflcopter with jet engines attached, but at least 1) it comes from existing Warcraft lore and 2) nothing designed like that would actually fly in our world, so it still "fits" the genre IMO.

There are tons of different directions Blizzard could have gone with this - there are lots of great steampunk and DaVinci-esque inspirations a mechanical land mount could have taken on. To me, a recreating a motorcycle just shows a distinct lack of imagination.

Flying carpets, on the other hand, get the Shamantic thumbs-up.


Nesukun said...

completely agree

Chris said...
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Chris said...

(Vorped here).

Yes I too agree, this is kind of borderline for me. But hey, it looks cool?

And gg blizzard witth the flying carpets. :D

Pike said...

Haa, that's awesome... you're right though, it is out of place (me being somebody who refuses to play on anything but RP servers =P) but still, gave me some giggles.